Quick dive Friday ( Who Wins Web-3: Our Perspective)

Quick Dives
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


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Over the week, our investment team discussed Web-3, who will win the space, and if there is plenty of room in the digital asset class for multiple winners. Here are a few takeaways from our discussions…

Bitcoin versus Ethereum

At ComiBlock, we see differentiation emerging among the predominant blockchains as the digital asset space matures. With that differentiation, it’s clear there’s plenty of room in the digital asset class for multiple winners.

We believe that Bitcoin is a store of value asset. It has firmly secured its reputation as ‘digital gold,’ playing an important role in portfolios hedging against global uncertainty.

Then Ethereum blockchain is proving to be more flexible than Bitcoin, and its open-source rails allow decentralized applications to tap into its smart contract capabilities.

Multiple rooms for many winners.

In this nascent asset class, with breakthrough technology unfolding in real-time, we see room to explore multiple competitive advantages. The world continues to adopt crypto for varying use cases, including the metaverse, digital payments, and more. We believe that differentiation among blockchain capabilities will continue to create room for BTC, ETH, and others to claim a hold on their niche within this market.

Web2 elevated centralization across industries as an interactive and interconnected internet with massive app stores dominated by large media and tech companies. The dependency on centralized gatekeepers across Web2 allows for vulnerability via a single point of failure, making it possible to hack an entire platform from one entry point while encouraging abuse of user data and access, a problem Web3 is addressing.

As the world progresses from Web2 to Web3, we believe that just as multiple leaders emerged in Web2. Different audiences will need the use of various blockchain software based on their personal use cases, including store of value, smart contract enabling, and transaction processing-focused, scalable cryptocurrencies.

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