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3 min readJan 21, 2022


If you have been reading our regular Three-Blocks newsletter, you must have seen one or two mentions of the Metaverse. In some ways, our digital lifestyles are gradually catching up to our physical lives.

Metaverse Explained

For us, it’s a shared, decentralized virtual universe running on a blockchain. It is a persistent living experience where people can interact simultaneously in real-time and a place where almost anything will be possible. Though still emerging, many components of the metaverse have already started to take shape.

Metaverse and Crypto

We believe crypto assets are an integral part of the metaverse. They will be the fuel for the metaverse economy. Projects like Decentraland and Sandbox (currently in our Origin Strategy) are creating an open-world metaverse where users can log in to play games to earn collectibles or NFT’s. Also, visitors to the metaverse can buy tickets to a live concert, pay admission to an art museum, or buy land and other properties.

How to Invest in the Metaverse

We believe that gaming and virtual entertainment play a very big role in enabling the metaverse. People will first engage with a metaverse light through gaming platforms. And the continued shift in in-game developer monetization is a key dynamic for a growing trend. Players are increasingly moving away from paying to play premium games towards free games, which developers monetize by selling players in-game items to enhance gameplay or social status within these virtual worlds.

If you are an active ComiBlock user, you are already invested, in what we believe to be the best large-cap Metaverse projects, with the potential for the best risk/reward prospects.

Another way to invest in the Metaverse is to buy metaverse-related NFTs such as LAND, a Decentraland NFT representing 1 parcel of land (256 square meters). The NFT representing 1 parcel of property in The Sandbox is also called LAND.

Also, it gets interesting; we recently started looking into the viability of a Metaverse-focused strategy, which will contain a basket of Metaverse projects designed to capture the shift by many industries to a virtual environment. So over the next few months, we will be sharing what we have learned as we continue to look at the potential of this internet evolution, that has caused companies like Facebook, to shift to a Metaverse company and change its name to “Meta”. We believe that leading tech companies will likely need to start exploring the Metaverse to stay competitive, and the spotlight has prompted a new wave of investment in this emerging crypto category.

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